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Our Vision

Lasting Legacy exists to give life to those who have left us and connect families to their histories in a tangible way.

Our Mission

We document and record first-person histories to preserve them for future generations and create meaningful connections between a family’s past, present and future.

Kyle Witvoet Videographer

Kyle Witvoet


When my daughter was born, I realized that she could never know my grandparents the way that I knew them. Their mannerisms, their quirks, the way their eyes crinkled when they smiled – she would never quite understand them the way that they lived in my memories. It was hard for me to accept – that she could never really see them the way that I did, and experience the quirks that I took from them and made my own.

So I began creating videos, of my parents and other family members. They were mini-biographies, really – a snapshot in time that captured in a very real way who they were and the stories they brought with them. Once I saw the reaction and impact that these videos had, I knew that as a videographer, I could help other families capture and preserve their own histories, and Lasting Legacy was born.

I’m a videographer and television producer with experience all over the industry, including branding campaigns, broadcast commercials and web docs all the way through network television and everything in between. I absolutely love what I do, all the people I get to meet, and the awesome things we get to make together.

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