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In Their Own Words

Preserve your loved ones' memories for generations to come.

Legacy Video

Create a Legacy Video

and give a treasured gift to friends, family and the future.
Grandmothers, grandfathers, favorite aunts, crazy uncles and good old mom and dad – they've all played their parts in making you who you are today. And that means that they've also played a role in making your kids who they are, and your future kids and grandkids who they will be.

So, when you say that she laughs like Grandma used to, and she asks, "Can I hear?", what will you say? When he asks you to tell your grandpa's favorite scary story, will you remember it? Will you be able to tell it with the same magic?

There won't always be a tomorrow. Create a legacy video to preserve the memories of your loved ones today, and to share with your loved ones forever.
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Who We Are
The introduction of a new member of the family has a way of reminding you of those that you've lost. And it brings the realization that family members, separated by just a little too much time, will never have the chance to know, learn from, and experience each other.

It only takes the birth of a child to make you realize that the idea of family – right here, right now, as we know it today – can change in an instant. And while we have it, we should seize the chance to capture a few of those memories and save them for ourselves, the next generation, and the future.
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Start the Legacy
Tomorrow is never guaranteed, whether you're younger, older, healthy or battling an illness. Life is always unpredictable. Capture the moment and create a lasting account of you or a loved one to share with future generations. Take the time to start your legacy today.